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This is a site devoted to the solo life adventurer.

Every person has a separate and unique path to travel here on Earth.

Some people have a network of generations, large extended families to rely on, while others have a supportive infrastructure of smaller nuclear families. Many people create meaningful alliances with a spouse or partner, or find union with their children. For some of us, either by choice and/or circumstances, we find ourselves outside of the scenarios previously noted. We don’t have family, children, spouses or partners, but we do have a connectedness with others through our friendships with people, animals and nature. We excel in our lives lived singularly. We understand that the relationship we have with ourself is ultimately the most important relationship to have. It is only when we have the truest love and understanding of self can we project that outward to the world.

We are the new modern individualists.

We are solo.

Live and thrive…free.