Countdown; or, How Soon Is Now

Let the Countdown begin.-unknown





the backward counting in fixed time units from the initiation of a project, as a rocket launching, with the moment of firing designated as zero.


the final preparations made during this period.


a period of increasing activity, tension, or anxiety, as before a deadline.
countdown 9

I’m on the countdown to the next chapter of my life.

I am embarking on an adventure of epic proportions.

I am Ulysses.


When people ask me what I will do for work after I quit my job, I tell them I am not sure.

When people ask me where I am going to live after I sell my home, I say that I don’t exactly know.

Both statements are true in a sense as none of us really know how life will play out.

To speak those words. Oh, freedom.

Not to know where one is going. Not to know how the next day will be. Not to know where you will eventually end up, is like a sweet, effervescent death.

When I speak of death I do not use the word in Western context. I speak of the death that is known by few, but will be experienced by all.

The Death that is the end of form and the beginning of limitless. The Death where all is known and understood, and fear is replaced with love.

I speak of a death I have already experienced in this life. A death I came back from.

I have returned to continue on my heroic journey.

To set sail on uncharted waters.


O.K., that last sentence might have been a bit much.

Truth be told, I do have a plan.

I know exactly what I want and how I will execute it.

I have kept the details of my plan to myself.

Not because I doubt its inevitability or success, but because I have learned over the years, that when people hear about something that scares them, they have a tendency to try and talk you out of doing it.

I don’t want anyone to poo poo on my party.

All will be revealed in time.

I look forward to the day that I am on the other side of my dream, looking back, smiling, and sharing the experiences of how I got here, now.

Gigi, x

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