I am a woman

raised by the most amazing single mother ever

born in Dogtown, California U.S.A.

Tony Alva was god

I stopped eating red meat at age 8

my 4th grade babysitter was a nudist

her name was Simone and I loved her immensely

she taught me about being “green” and how to bake bread

the Self-Realization Fellowship center was the place of worship my mother took me to

half of my early life was spent in the Bay Area

the Black Panthers prepared for the revolution in our home

Malcolm-X was god

when I was a kid my mother and I used to pick up hitch hikers

I have lived in 36 different locations all in L.A. County

hardcore punk rock was in its infancy and flourished in L.A. when I was a teen

punk rock gave me an outlet to question authority, society, myself

Darby Crash was god

I dated Mods

I wore vintage 60’s clothes from thrift shops

my boyfriends collected and rode vintage scooters

Mods and Punks clashed

Paul Weller was god

I don’t know why, but I have spent half my life naked in public

I believe that human contact…touch, is a primary need

we are born alone and die alone

I have no family, no children, no spouse

I am sure that on several occasions I have dated extra-terrestrials


I shaved my hair off and became a hairdresser almost 30 years ago

I was a performance artist in underground night clubs

I modeled for artists

I put myself through 6 years of art college

I am an artist

after graduation I worked as an office manager for a porn company

10 years later I started a job that I never talk about

day jobs can suck and rob you of your soul energy


I do not own a credit card

my only debt is my student loan

make the most of your time here

help support local artisans of all kinds

be kind to people, because at our core, we are all the same

always be kind to animals

take time to stop and smell everything

take naps

watch clouds, they tell stories

if you are stressed, hug a giant tree

know that you were born perfect

you possess everything you need to live your ultimate life

I believe in nothing

I accept everything

try to judge less and love more

we are all god

My name is Gigi, and I am solo